Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Soal Ujian Bhs Inggris PDGK4304 (bagian 4)

31.     Berta : What time does the bus arrive?
Rita : At nine. ....
A.        Don't wait for the bus in the bus stop. It is forbidden
B.         Don't be late. You will wait for another one hour
C.         Don't wait for the bus here. There is a police
D.        Don't stop the bus here. It is forbidden

32.     New comer : ....
Linda : No, it does not. You must take the other bus.
A.        Do you know which bus goes to the railway station?
B.         Can you tell me which bus goes to Bandar Lampung?
C.         Excuse me. Which bus goes to Surabaya?
D.        Excuse me. Does this bus go to the zoo?

33.     Martin : How often does the bus come?
Mary : ....
A.        Here is the new bus schedule
B.         It comes every 15 minutes
C.         The bus often comes late
D.        Four thousand rupiahs

34.     Any : ...
Hana : Take the Mayasari Bus number 05, and then get off at Ratu Plaza. Cross the road to Departemen Pendidikan Nasional. My office is in Building C, 13th floor.
A.        Which bus does it go to your office?
B.         How do you go to your office?
C.         How do I get to your office?
D.        Where is your office?

35.     Marla : .......
Patta : It costs about Rp. 1.700.000,-
A.        What time does the first flight by Garuda leave for Makasar?
B.         Could you give me the flight schedule to Makasar, please?
C.         How much does the Garuda ticket to Makasar cost?
D.        Excuse me. Is there still a flight to Makasar?

36.     Dita : What do you usually do in your leisure time.?
Dini : ....
A.        I work in the office from morning till evening
B.         I usually work over time in the office
C.         I finish my office work at home
D.        I usually do some gardening

37.     Andi : What’s your hobby, Dona?
Dona : ....
A.        My hobby is playing badminton
B.         I am playing badminton
C.         I am doing my hobby
D.        This is my hobby

38.     Adam : How many times a week do you usually play badminton?
Dona : ....
A.        I usually play three times a week
B.         I play badminton many times
C.         My hobby is badminton
D.        I am doing my hobby

39.     Wulan : Which places do people usually visit for recreation?
Widi : ....
A.        Matahari department store; Borobudur department store; Ramayana department store; and Giant mega store
B.         Sanur beach, Bali; Borobudur, Yogyakarta; or Bunaken National Park Sea, North Sulawesi
C.         Family houses; antique museum; old buildings; historical places; and railway stations
D.        Farm areas, gold mining sites, traditional market, junggles, and schools

40.     Norma : What activity do you usually do for the leasure time?
Iwan : ....
A.        I do it for the leasure time
B.         I do some activities
C.         I usually go hiking
D.        I am hiking

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